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Your roof is a huge investment. Nowadays, they are extremely expensive to replace so properly maintaining the roof is imperative to ensure its maximum longevity. However, roofs are often overlooked by the typical homeowner until they start to create problems such as unwanted leaks. We created this list of 5 things you didn’t know about roof cleaning to help home owners understand the importance of including roof cleaning in your home maintenance program.


Roof Cleaning: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Here are five things that you probably didn’t know about roof cleaning.

  • Roof Algae is Dangerous: Many homeowners think that roof algae is harmless. Sure it looks unsightly, but they don’t realize it is also causing significant damage to the roof’s surface when allowed to flourish unchecked. Roof algae is a living plant and it feeds off the home’s shingles. Algae utilize the limestone filler used in roofing material for growth. Allowed to grow, algae will take years off your roof’s projected lifespan.
  • Roof Cleaning Needs to be a Regular Home Maintenance Practice: Even if you cannot see algae growth on your home’s roof, it can still be there. In its infancy, algae plants are not visibly noticeable but it is still doing considerable damage to your roofing material. It will infiltrate the cracks and crevices of the shingles to gradually deteriorate their integrity.
  • Roof Cleaning is Overpriced: Many homeowners mistakenly consider roof cleaning overpriced, but when you consider that a roof typically costs over $10,000 to replace than the cost of annual roof cleaning becomes very reasonable.
  • You Can Clean it Yourself: Nowadays with home improvement stores offering a bevy of supplies to the general public, many homeowners want to embark on a DIY project and clean the roof themselves. However, roof cleaning is not for the novice. Roof cleaning takes time and knowledge. You could inadvertently knock shingles loose or cause other problems with the roofing material by walking across and scrubbing its surface.
  • Methods Used to Clean a Roof: Two roof cleaning methods are used by professional roof cleaning companies: pressure-washing and chemical cleaning. Chemical cleaning is typically considered a soft cleaning method that uses chemicals to clean away debris without any high pressure burst of water. Pressure-washing entails high pressure water that is sprayed onto the roof’s surface to break away dirt from all crevices. Metal and concrete roofs benefit from pressure washing. If the shingles on the roof are near the end of their lifespan or deteriorating then pressure washing should not be undertaken.

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