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Gutters and downspouts play a key role in water management. They direct rain and melting snow away from the structure. However, with the changing of seasons, a gutter system can easily become clogged with fallen leaves and other debris. Failing to maintain your gutter system can lead to significant and costly water damage. We created this guide to help show you the importance of cleaning your gutters every fall.

The Dangers of Dirty and Clogged Gutters

Here are just a few things that can occur if you fail to have your gutters regularly cleaned.

    • Water Damage and Flooding: The built-up decaying material works as a dam inside of the gutter and blocks the water’s flow. The water will build up and overflow out of the gutter. In some cases, the excessive water may push up under roofing or enter the walls of the structure. Water can also overflow out of the gutters and pool up near the foundation. If the soil does not adequately absorb the pooling water it can seep through or under a foundation into the crawlspace or basement to cause flooding. Water damage can easily be avoided by having your gutters cleaned every fall.
    • A Pest Oasis: The buildup of decaying leaves and plant material in a gutter system quickly becomes an oasis for pests. Termites, mosquitoes, squirrels, mice, birds, and ants move into the material to create nests. Once established, the pests might invade the structure.
    • Destroys Curb Appeal: A dirty gutter system quickly builds up mold and algae. As the gutters overflow, they can cause unsightly brown and black streaking on the structure and the gutter’s surface.
    • Gutters Collapse: Overtime, an accumulation of wet and rotting leaves and plant debris becomes heavy and causes the gutter system to pull away from the structure. Heavy gutters can collapse and fall. Having new gutters installed to replace the broken and damage gutters is costly.
    • Ice Dams: The fallen leaves that are left in the gutters throughout winter act as a dam. When the snow melts it is blocked from flowing out through the gutter and downspout. When the weather gets cold the trapped water freezes inside of the gutter and causes an ice dam which can damage the roof and walls of the building.

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