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Modern day Squamish is built on the passion and vision of local entrepreneurs and small business owners. Earlier this year, Nate was interviewed by the team at Squamish Adventure who wanted to talk about what brought him to town and the biggest rewards and challenges of running his own business.

Here is a snippet from the original interview

Meet Nate Kelly:

Nate Kelly is the founder and CEO of Nate Solutions Inc., a property service company that helps home-owners maintain their most valuable asset. He lives here in Squamish, where his biggest passions for sports like snowboarding and mountain biking can come alive in the incredible backcountry.

Nate started his company at the young age of 21. Beginning with just one truck and a great idea, he has grown Nate Solutions Inc. into a reputable and well-established property service business that now serves the entire Sea to Sky region as well as the North Shore. Complete with a fleet of five branded vehicles and a strong professional team to back it.
Nate is an entrepreneur recognized for his passion, vision and customer service based approach. Nate Solutions Inc. is known as an expert in the property service business, one that applies branding and a strong customer focus to a traditional, service-based industry.

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