4 facts you probably didn’t know about Window Cleaning West Vancouver

Did you know that there is a Guinness world record for the job of window cleaning West Vancouver?

Terry Burrows set a new Guinness World Record for cleaning three standard office windows (114.3cm x 114.3 cm) in just over 9 seconds back in 2009. Way to go, Terry!

Do you know what is the most effective tool in a window cleaner?

The most effective tool in a window cleaner’s kit is the squeegee and the newest piece of equipment to assist window cleaners is the water pole.  Both these tools help to make the West Vancouver window cleaning service faster and safer for the cleaner to complete the windows.

Did you know that window cleaning is still one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet?

Harnesses and scaffolding have helped to make this job safer but when windows on a skyrise and homes are larger than they have ever been in history, it is important to remember that the workers are doing the best job they can to maintain streak free windows and protect their own safety.

Time Warner Centre in New York City

It takes 6 cleaners almost 4 months to clean the 80 glass walls of the Time Warner Centre in New York City, at that pass once they finish they likely need to just start all over again from the beginning.

Nate Solutions offers many kinds of home cleaning services along the sea to sky corridor like:

Nate Solutions holds high standards in order to exceed the expectations of their customers.  They understand the importance of safety and getting the job done right the first time.  The Nate Solutions team lives and works on the Sea to Sky corridor and enjoy meeting home owners in each community.

Nate Solutions also offers services for window cleaners North Vancouver. Nate Solutions can assist you with all the windows of your home and business.

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