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Whistler home maintenance is important to protect your roof from the cold and snow of winter, through the spring melt and into the summer heat.

4 signs that your home needs some outdoor maintenance

  1.  The windows are dirty. Dirt, pollen, bug/bird droppings dust or a cloudy film cover your windows. This can normally be caused from the wind blowing dirt and particles on your windows or rain leaving water spots on the glass. Hard water stains can permanently damage your windows. Learn more about window washing in Whistler.
  2. Algae & mildew is starting to grow on the side of your house or business. Algae and mildew will tend to grow on the North or shaded area of your home where the sun does not normally reach it. The sun is able to kill off bacteria with its heat but not in a shaded area of your home.  The algae and mold are then free to grow at its own pace. It not only looks awful but will only continue to grow at a rapid pace until you clean it off.  It is a clear indication that you need to clean off the surface to avoid damaging the siding material.  Learn how to schedule consistent home washing maintenance like pressure washing to remove scum that makes your home look dated.  Learn more about pressure washing in Whistler.
  3. Roof cleaning – Natural decomposers like moss, algae and lichen can start to deteriorate your roof and weaken the effectiveness of the shingles over time. When bacteria is allowed to decompose your roof shingles it speeds up the chances of replacing your roof and decreases the energy efficiency of your roof. Learn about roof cleaning Whistler homes.

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Window cleaning services include a thorough cleaning of the window inside & out,  screens, window frames, sills and tracks. Some windows need a deeper clean then others so a window washing quote will help determine the package that best suits you and your home.
Nate Solutions services the sea to sky corridor and the North Shore.  Speak to us about a quote for roofing cleaning Squamish services and West Vancouver window cleaning services.

Nate Solutions offers professional window cleaning. See the local Whistler mountains clearer with clean windows. Contact Nate Solutions to learn about house maintenance services.


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